North Queensland 2 Day Adventure Part 2.

Story by Scott Whitfield

Part Two of our two day journey had us pressing on upriver to another waterhole, the largest we found during the trip. The creek had a sweeping bend with log lay downs and over hanging trees on it. Marty was first to throw a cast using a surface lure, before he could even turn the reel the lure was inhaled by a big fish.  The drag on the reel was screaming but we couldn't get a sight on what type of fish he had hooked. Then finally we saw the silver flash... it was lucky we were out in the middle of nowhere as we all started yelling with excitement. The big man had nailed the target species; we had traveled all this way for, the mighty Jungle Perch. It was a cracker of a fish around 40cm plus. We took some photos of it and quickly released it so we could see what else was lurking in the creek.

"The big man had nailed the target species we had traveled all this way for, the mighty Jungle Perch"

Michael was next to get a cast away and lobbed the lure around the same spot. It wasn't long before Michael too was locked up to a Jungle Perch. After an hour and a half of riding motorbikes through fire trails and then walking for over an hour upstream, we had found the honey hole. This was one of those moments when you didn't want the day to end but just like how the saying goes "all good things must come to an end" we started making the journey back to the bikes.

Now of course the walk back couldn’t just be a leisurely stroll back to the motorbikes - there had to be some action on the way with a couple of snakes that had to cross our path. I was starting to get the hang of this snake catching stuff. When I felt Marty hit me in the chest with his fishing rod and gear, this meant, hold onto my stuff I'm going after it.

A massive thank you goes out to Michael Craperi for his awesome hospitality and local knowledge and a massive thank you to Marty Kennedy for organising a very memorable trip.