See Better, Sight Better

Story by Andrew Badullovich

I’m going to come right out and say, “If you sight-cast to fish on the flats, then you need a pair of these!”

I have always been a fan of copper based lens types, and was initially “put off” a little the first time I wore a rose based lens; however, after applying this lens to the appropriate conditions, I was able to reap the full benefits.

I have discovered that the rose based lens is deadly when fishing in areas that host reddish/orange coloured sand or similar bottom strata. An example of this would be the coarse river-sand found in the middle to upper reaches of most estuaries, and some of our southern beaches. The rose colour seems to cancel out all other colours similar to the lens type, (in the case of the above-mentioned, the total bottom strata) which enhances contrast immensely, providing a clear view of your target. Fish are easily identified in these scenarios, as the dominant colour (bottom strata) is blocked. The best part about the G2H5 is the green mirror, which in my belief, is one of the best mirror coatings to reduce reflective glare. This combination of rose based lens/green mirror coating excels in high-light conditions, which make them ideal for wading the flats or beach fishing. Personally, I am amazed with the clarity at distance provide by the G2H5. During a recent flats session, I could see fish rising and trailing my lure from as far away as forty meters! This is incredibly advantageous, as it allows me to read the body language of the fish in order to determine the correct retrieve.

I believe the trout anglers will love this lens for sight-casting around clay banks. The rock-hopper will also appreciate this lens on those reddish coloured stones.